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Can anyone post a phone number for BOA where I will speak to someone who can actually tell me what is going on? I have tried the numbers on the Mod papers and haven’t had any success. This person kept telling me that my info was not available to her. The only info She had wasbthe loan number, address, etc. Thanks in advance.


Evan Bedard reply
Here try using the numbers below to check on status. If they cannot help you try contacting the Office of the President in the link below.

Loss Mitigation- 1.800.846.2222

MHA Dept. 888-325-6435 or 800-262-4218…-contacts.html

JREASK reply
The last person I talked to informed me that my file was being taken care of by the Office of the President. They will not open until an hour from now as they are on the Pacific time. I assume that the escalation is a good thing ?

Evan Bedard reply
Yes that is good news your case is being handled by the OOP as their dept seems very professional and has a lot of authority. You can find several contacts for this dept in the link provided above..

JREASK reply
I spoke with someone today and the entire call was muffled a bit. He said he was calling from the OOP and his name was Patrick Donnelson. Has anyone ever heard of him? He said he was a negotiator. My final Docs were received by BOA on June 15. The negotiator told me that the Docs have to go to the closing department for recording. ALso told me that I will NOT receive a signed copy of the final Mod agreement from the bank. He said that I may receive a summary letter once everything is final. If anyone has gone through all of this and been successful in receiving the modification, can you tell me if any of this sounds correct?

Patrick also told me that the HAMP doc is final as soon as I signed it and it was notarized. I was under the assumption from reading the forum that I will receive a signed copy of the document from BOA?
Can anyone verify ?



Evan Bedard reply
I’m not too sure what this Patrick guy is talking about, but you should be receiving a signed copy back from your lender after the modification has been finalized. It is very important you make a copy of the agreement you send back in and make sure they do send you a signed copy back as well.

WearyinAZ reply
When my negotiator was unavailable, Patrick called me on two separate occasions. He also gave me his email address so that I could email some documents to him. (Which my negotiator wouldn’t do.) He then forwarded them on to my negotiator.

So, in terms of having a handle on how to get the paperwork moved around their system, I’d say he’s doing well by us. Especially since he isn’t assigned to our loan.

Best of luck!

WBC2010 reply
JREASK…this just goes to show…you get different information with different people. I was approved for the MHA mod…I got it notarized and sent it back on June 5th…they received it June 7 and I got the signed copy back from BAC yesterday via FEDEX. So frustrating to hear they are giving you wrong information. That’s why this forum is sooooo important. I am so glad I found it when I did.

Keep fighting and make sure you go above him or call Customer Advocacy to get another opinion.